Bryan Ferry ‎– Don’t Stop The Dance (12″)

Mr Uber Cool does an equally cool single. It’s all about the groove with this August ’85 release, the Rhett Davies and Bob Clearmountain production with some additional studio work from Bruce Lampcov on the remix.

The 12″ mix starts off with the riffs, creating more atmosphere to the Nile Roger’s groove.

Surprisingly it didn’t make the UK Top 20!

B-side, the semi-instrumental “Nocturne”, has some great piano work and the atmosphere it creates resembles later Roxy Music


EG ‎– FERRX 2 stop

A Don’t Stop The Dance (Special 12″ Re-Mix) 5:45
B1 Don’t Stop The Dance (Instrumental) 4:24
B2 Nocturne 4:40

2 thoughts on “Bryan Ferry ‎– Don’t Stop The Dance (12″)”

  1. An underappreciated Ferry single; actually co-written [!] with producer Rhett Davies. “Nocturne” certainly sounds like an instrumental left over from the 1978 “The Bride Stripped Bare” sessions featuring Robert Fripp on lead guitar. That’s very much his tone, but he’s officially credited only for another track from those sessions, “As The World Turns.” The 7″ and 12″ each had differing photos of Ferry leaping in Terpsichorian abandon. I am fortunate enough to have a US 7″ picture sleeve of this as signed by Mr. Ferry on the occurrence of meeting him at an aftershow on the first time I had [finally] seen him live.

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