Flagrant Fowl (Mixes of – Gnarls Barkley, Madonna, The Killers) ‎– Ruffle Yo Featherz (US 12″)


Mmmmm, I’ll leave these here.

Released in July 2006 it see’s probably the start of the bedroom re-edits we get know of classic songs. Hit and miss, Cousin Cole’s mixes are very loud and shoehorned together, killing the Killers “Somebody” is a prime example. Pocketknife is far more subtlier , Jose Gonzalez’s “Heartbeats” is the best on here.

Dipset is full on Hip-Hop , gangsta style using Technotronic as a backing. Whilst Talent Show is from the film “Revenge Of The Nerds” – old skool hip hop.



Flagrant Fowl ‎– FF 001SAM_2726

A1 Cousin Cole Crazy (Cousin Cole’s Sick Mix)
A2 Cousin Cole Hung Up (Cousin Cole’s Well Hung Remix)
A3 Cousin Cole Somebody (Cousin Cole’s Killed Mix)
B1 Pocketknife Heartbeats (Pocketknife’s Pacemaker Remix)
B2 Cousin Cole Dipset (Cousin Cole’s Pump Up The Dips Remix)
B3 Pocketknife Talent Show (Pocketknife’s Hair Pie Bonus Beat)

New Order & Rabbit In The Moon – Blue Monday _ Deeper (Bootleg 12″)

From 2004 and interesting as it gives Blue Monday a tech house update with the vocal track faintly coming in at 5 minutes (probably just like the original) Done by Cass Cutbrush.

Not too familiar with Rabbit In The Moon, it’s a long ambient house track. Goa Trance if you like.



Not On Label ‎– MOON 001SAM_2757

A New Order Blue Monday (Cass Mix) 8:12
B Rabbit In The Moon Deeper                       12:57

The Smashing Pumpkins ‎– 1979 (Mixes) (US 12″)

A 4 track selection of mixes from this from March ’96. Roli Mosimann waters down and electrifies this keeping it faithful to the song but dancefloor friendly.

From the album “Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness” it layers up the beats (Big Beat) which works well with Corgan’s vocals. The “Concrete Mix” is rawer and rockier via some sink unblocker.

The Moby mix is a strange one, weird vocal effects and a slower, Trip Hop tempo. Very atmospheric.



Virgin ‎– 7243 8 38541 1 0SAM_7494

A1 1979 (Vocal Mix) 5:08
A2 1979 (Instrumental Mix) 5:17
B1 1979 (Moby Mix) 6:39
B2 1979 (Cement Mix) 4:40

Various (Feat. Duran Duran, Tom Tom Club, Tones Of Tail & Siouxsie & The Banshees) ‎– Secret Mixes Fixes Vol. 6 (Bootleg 12″)

From 2006 and few re-edits from Detroit producer Gay Marvine (a.k.a. Sensual Circuitry)

He doesn’t ruin the original vibe of the records just rearranges parts.

The Duran Duran mix is just an instrumental, using the middle break from “Girls On Film.”

The Banshee track concentrates on the drums, with a few vocals thrown in at the end.

Tones get an improved remix, looping the bass and adding skittering percussion.

Tom Tom Club have the pick of the mixes, a great and faithful version of “Wordy Rappinghood”




Secret Mixes Fixes ‎– FIX06

A1 Duran Duran Girls On Dub 4:33
A2 Siouxsie & The Banshees Cities In Dub 5:56
B1 Tones On Tail There’s Only 666 4:27
B2 Tom Tom Club What Are Words Worth 5:16

White Zombie ‎– More Human Than Human (US Promo 12″)

Mid 90’s Electro-Rock from Rob and the boys on this rare 3 tracker from ’95 with mixes by Charlie Clouser. The perfect blend of hard guitars, beats and squelchy synths. All the mixes are quite similar. The last one being an instrumental.



Geffen Records ‎– PRO-A-4737SAM_7654

A1 More Human Than Human (The Jeddak Of The Tharks Super-Mix) 4:17
A2 More Human Than Human (The Warlord Of Mars Mega-Mix) 4:57
B More Human Than Human (Princess Of Helium Ultra-Mix) 4:19

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (US Promo 12″)

Very controversial at the time (and with a banned video) but nevertheless a cracking track from “Fat Of The Land” Released in November 1997 and including the haunting vocals of Shahin Badar which contrasts the machismo of the song.

LP track “Mindfields” (featuring Maxim on vocals) gets a short,bassy dub.

DJ Hype brings a drum and bass flava. Fierce!

R.I.P. Keith Flint



Maverick ‎– PRO-A-9073-ASAM_7745

A1 Smack My Bitch Up (Album Version) 5:43
A2 Mindfields (Headrock Dub) 4:35
B Smack My Bitch Up (DJ Hype Remix) 7:17

The The – Jealous Of Youth (US Promo 12″)

As we head out of the 90’s I suppose I’d better post some proper songs.

Funky Swing (and with Johnny Marr on guitar) Matt Johnson laments about nostalgia. On this standalone track to promote the 1990 compilation “The The Vs. The World.” that was only released in the US.

Sampled brass and heavy doses of melancholia, no one does it better than Johnson

“But now the autumn leaves are turning to the colour of rust

I’m getting jealous for youth’s first yearnings for lust”

“Beyond Love” is a great choice of a B-side, from “Mind Bomb”, it’s more of Johnson whispered vocals that builds up to crescendo. Produced by Roli Mosimann and with flugelhorn from John Eacott (who was in 80’s band Roman Holiday and Jazz band Loose Tubes) Paul “Wix” Wickens provides the keyboards with Danny Cummings on percussion. Now where is my copy of “Mind Bomb” ?



Epic ‎– EAS 1958SAM_7758

A Jealous Of Youth (12″ Version) 6:39
B1 Beyond Love 4:19
B2 Jealous Of Youth (7″ Version) 4:15

The Railway Children ‎– So Right (LTD 12″)

Not had some Indie Dance for a while. From Wigan’s The Railway Children and written and produced by their frontman Gary Newby (with Strawberry Studio’s Richard Scott). It’s Big and Baggy having been released at the height of the scene.

Psychedelic indie rock. With riffs and a sitar.

Having been on Virgin they employed the likes of Paul Dakeyne to remix it. Synthing it up for a broader audience and going into The Beloved territory.

The “Strawberry Mix” has a “live” feel to it and puts the guitar back in the mix.



Virgin ‎– VSTG 1289folder

A So Right (Extended Mix)
B1 So Right (Dakeyne Full Length Mix)
B2 So Right (Strawberry Mix)

Various (Feat; Bizarre Inc. , La Tour, Gipsy, Carnival Of The Lost Souls) – Precision Eleven (Promo 12″)

The last of this series starts well with the soulful Bizarre Inc. featuring the amazing voice of Angie Brown, an old skool classic that plays out nicely going into a different groove towards the end, a pleasant surprise.

The second track has a shed load of samples (almost like a megamix) as it goes into a tight New Beat groove. Rave Alert with synth pop elements.

La Tour’s remix keeps the tight Chicago House groove and that infectious synth riff.

Gipsy (Graham Drinnan) finishes off with a deep , trance vibe over rolling beats. Does what it says on the tin!



Art Of Mix ‎– Precision Eleven preg11

A1 Bizarre Inc Feat. Angie Brown Took My Love (“Sure Is Original Mix” By Steve Smith) 8:27
A2 Carnival of Lost Souls Baste (“Dream Mix” By Ian Gordon & Mark Alsop) 6:56
B1 LaTour Blue (“Underground Mix” By Steve Smith) 6:50
B2 Gipsy I Trance You (“Trance-It Mix” By Steve Smith)         7:18