Thompson Twins – 3 Remixes – Bonus 12″ with a Greatest Hits LP


The Twins released a “Greatest Hit Compilation” in 1990 (well their record label did!) and this was a freebie 12″ with initial releases. I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t more remixes of the Twins 80’s stuff, they probably heard these and thought NO WAY!

Shep Pettibone and Mark McGuire do there best, but!

The “Bad Karma” mix seems to be using a later live version with some very weak overdubs. It’s essentially a live version.

The “Full House” mix is interesting although goes into Technotronic territory although Bailey’s vocals sit over the top over a sparse bassline and some cheap sounding keyboards..

Best less said about the megamix the better, cheesy “House” drop in samples and snippets of previous hits.

So we have come full circle with 80’s songs getting regurgitated and not in a good way!

Tomorrow let’s welcome back the 80’s!


1 – Love On Your Side (Good Karma Mix) – 7:28

2 – In The Name Of Love (Tom’s Full House Mix) – 5:55

3 – In The Name Of Love (Megamix) – 5:42

One thought on “Thompson Twins – 3 Remixes – Bonus 12″ with a Greatest Hits LP”

  1. Ouch! I always felt that the TT were past their sell-by dates in 1984. I had no idea that these post-modern remixes existed… and I think I’ll keep it that way.

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