Various (Feat: Moby, Kicks Like A Mule) ‎– Precision Seven (Promo 12″)

More Euro House / Rave from 1991.

A live remix of the classic “Go” is the highlight. (obviously) Moby males it more ravey, layering the beats and giving it a bit more teeth, with some extra keyboard sounds.

Kicks Like A Mule’s classic, “Your names not down, you’re not coming in” gets a slight remix. Early breaks from Nick Halkes and Richard Russell given a slight space funk edge by the Art Of Mix crew. That low break is still there though 😉

2 Fabiola (Pat Krimson) phase the rave sounds with some looped toms and a very brief “Music For Chameleons” sample. Apparently “The Milky Way” was a tribute to the Belgian royal family !?!

Closing track is the Sparks sampling Fire On High (Michiel Van Der Kuy and Wessel Van Diepen) Sexy spoken words extolling the views of Ecstasy

Art Of Mix ‎– AMP-9007preg7

A1 Moby Go (“Live At Poseurs Mix” By S. Michael Meacham) 6:20
A2 Kicks Like A Mule The Bouncer (“Switch Mix” By Peter Habicht & Bernard Cabigon) 7:21
B1 2 Fabiola Milky Way (“Stereo Mix” By Steve Smith) 6:36
B2 Fire On High Float In A Dream Of EX-TC (“Beat The Clock Mix” By Dean McKown & Steve Smith)                  6:06

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