Various (Feat: Gat Decor, Jam & Spoon, Smart E’s) ‎– Precision Nine (Promo 12″)

Just 2 more left in this series of excellent remixes from ’91 / ’92.

My favourite dance tune from the era was “Passion” by Gat Decor (Simon B. Slater) with this effective bit of prog House, it actually takes you on a journey.

Jam & Spoon do their usual trance stuff but has an added breakbeat in the middle as well as the trance chords being a little harsher. Kraftwerk’s “Telephone Call” being sampled.

Novelty track “Sesame’s Treet” (Chris Howell, Nick Arnold and Tom Orton) gets the ultimate remix, featuring more of that theme with some added sampled vocals. Crazy UK Hardcore.

*OXY – This Feeling is missing from the bunch*

Art Of Mix ‎– Precision Ninepreg9

A1 Gat Decor Passion (Trance Tribal Mix) 7:15
A2 Jam & Spoon Stella (Future Sound Mix) 7:14
B1 Smart E’s Sesame’s Treet (Intellectuality Mix)  7:22



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