Various (Feat: Pet Shop Boys, Psychotropic, M.N.O.) – Precission Six (Promo 12″)

Pet Shop Boys get an acid house rework by Altern 8. A remix of a remix. Vocoder vocals and a nice bit of variety.

M.N.O. provide some rave/bleep, Belgium New Beat. The combo comprised of Praga Khan (Maurice), Jade 4U (Nikkie) and Oliver Adams (Oliver) overdo the preacher samples on this bit of old skool.

Ending with the classic, mid tempo, rolling beats track “Hypnosis” with that organ riff and various door bell chimes. By Psychotropic (Gavin Mills and Nick Nicely) it is update from the original from 1990.

*”Odd Ball / Party Time” by Flex and Uncle is missing from this bundle*

Art Of Mix ‎– 9006R-124372-1100566819.jpg

A1 Pet Shop Boys Music For Boys (“Altern 8 Remix” By Daniel Stoner) 6:10
A2 M.N.O. God Of Abraham (“Catastrophic Mix” By S. Michael Meacham) 6:34
B1 Psychotropic Hypnosis (“Under A Spell Mix” By Dean McKown & Steve Smith) 7:22

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