Robert Miles ‎– One And One (Unreleased Mixes) (US Promo 12″)

Four long and involving mixes (all around the 9 minute mark!) that never got an official release but still snuck out in 1996.

Two each from Quivver (John Graham) and Joe T Vanelli.

Quivver adds some atmospherics and a rolling snare beat. He knows how to mix adding some menace and urgency to the track. How to improve a classic.

Vanelli takes the track on a long trance trip….very hypnotized  on the SLK mix (Mercedes) and the Corvette mix mixes a jarring bass with dream like synth pads – vocals not kicking into 4 minutes in and then used sparingly. A tad boring.

Arista ‎– ADP-3276SAM_9118

Unreleased Quivver Mixes
A1 One And One (Quivver Vocal Mix) 9:44
A2 One And One (Quivver Dub) 8:25
Unreleased Joe T. Vanelli Mixes
B1 One And One (SLK Mix) 9:11
B2 One And One (Corvette Mix) 9:46

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