Soft Cell & Depeche Mode – Torch & Only When I Lose Myself (Bootleg 12″)


A couple of White Label Bootlegs bundled together by Mike B. From 2007 and 2003 respectively. On here because I think a lot of followers like Soft Cell and DM.

The Manhatten Clique mixes (Chris Smith and Philip Larsen) make good use of the original 12″ conversation and duet between Cindy Exstacy. It’s a good one seeing it’s a bootleg, sympathetic to the original but with synths taking the place of the trumpet.

The Dub still has a load of vocals on it and is slightly different.

Planet Clique ‎– SSM007 SAM_2066

A Torch (MHC Vocal Remix) 8:42
B Torch (MHC Dub) 8:42

Onto the Mode track which even amongst fans is a bit of a forgotten track, being a standalone track to promote a “Best Of” Here it is in another 10 and half minute House mix by Lexicon Avenue (Geordie’s Chris Scott, Mark Armstrong and Scott Bradford) Large bass in a Progressive House style, it takes 4 minutes before the vocals and tune kick in.

Rare, a good copy would cost you £30!!

Not On Label ‎– XEL001DM - Only When (Lexicon Rmx) Bootleg.jpeg

A Only When I Lose Myself (Lexicon Avenue Remix)


4 thoughts on “Soft Cell & Depeche Mode – Torch & Only When I Lose Myself (Bootleg 12″)”

  1. Thanks – was familiar with the Torch remix from the edit on “Heat” but lovely to hear the full length and the dub.

  2. Not sure the Soft Cell one is an actual bootleg. I have it also. It is made out to look like one for definite, but I’m pretty sure I got it through official channels. For the record, Chris Smith of MHC is Soft Cell’s current manager.

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