General Public ‎– I’ll Take You There (US Promo 2 x 12″)

From the 1994 movie “Threesome” this cover of the Al Bell penned Staple Singers track from 1972 gets an update by 80’s survivors General Public (whose vocalist, Ranking Roger, sadly died early this month. R.I.P. )

There are 8 mixes of the track, 7 done by Japanese DJ and producer Satoshi Tomiie who transforms the reggae track into a chilled  trip hop, Ibiza vibe. Then to a Latin House mix with a Bossanova bass with plenty of breakdowns and even a change of tempo, just who are the fabulous backing diva’s ?? There are also some chilled and jazzy dubs, Tribal House and the very long , definitive “Private Version”, some lovely organ vibes.!GiRGzaaI!FjcZAP6157Hr9R58indVlSc7KZRUjHuldwTkPC-AX7c

Epic Soundtrax ‎– AED 77460folder

A1 I’ll Take You There (Extended 7″ Mix) 5:06
A2 I’ll Take You There (Sunshine Club Mix) 8:20
B1 I’ll Take You There (Satoshi Tomiie Experience) 9:39
B2 I’ll Take You There (Baby Says Huh ? Dub) 5:14
C1 I’ll Take You There (Hoya Tribe Trip) 9:55
C2 I’ll Take You There (Sunday School Dub) 5:24
D1 I’ll Take You There (The Private Version) 10:00
D2 I’ll Take You There (Sunshine Reprise) 6:42

4 thoughts on “General Public ‎– I’ll Take You There (US Promo 2 x 12″)”

  1. I bought the “Threesome” OST for the Bryan Ferry and Duran Duran rarities on it in CD form [finally] but most of it [except for Apache Indian and Brad… Brad who?] was pretty decent stuff, even if the movie was loathsome. Of course any U2 sneaking covertly into my Record Cell is not welcome, but what could I do there? Seeing these remixes for the General Public track makes my head spin. As a fan of the original song from boyhood, I simply cannot wrap my head around a ten minute dance remix of the GP version!

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