Snow ‎– Informer (US 12″)

More rap ? I still laugh out loud when this plays, “licky bum bum now!!”

From white Canadian rapper, Darrin O’Brien (!) had a massive, Worldwide hit with this in 1993. More white reggae/dancehall if you listen to the more basic mixes (A2 & A3) . Helped in the writing credit and production by MC Shan (Shawn Moltke) and backing musicians John “Raff” Allen, a Jamaican Keyboards player and member of Monyaka, Orville Bryan and DJ Private P, digitizing the sounds to the nth degree.

Hip Hop producer Clark Kent provides the grittier mixes, scratches and jazz horns. The “Super Dub” being the pick of the mixes.

It’s just that Rap!!!Guh3DAra!FcpFIcgr8_iA6dq4w04BWwFNVKuQNlhdwjYhRRB1Tsc

EastWest Records America ‎– 0-96112SAM_8124

A1 Informer (LP Version) 4:28
A2 Informer (Drum Mix) 4:12
A3 Informer (Dub) 4:12
B1 Informer (Clark’s Fat Bass Mix) 4:39
B2 Informer (Clark’s Super Radio Mix) 4:11
B3 Informer (Super Dub) 4:50

One thought on “Snow ‎– Informer (US 12″)”

  1. I was hanging at a bar where I DJd and this song came up on somebody’s playlist. We were joking about it and Snow, everybody had a good laugh, except our waiter, Ken. Turned out Snow was his dad. We didn’t believe him at first. He pulled out his wallet to show pics of him and his dad over the years and his Canadian work ID that read Kenneth O’Brien (Snow’s middle name is Kenneth) We got quiet and he got huge tips when we left

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