Depeche Mode ‎– Vol. 2 (The Secret Remixes) (Bootleg CD)


From 1992 and Depeche Mode get the “Remix” treatment; this is a bit of a hit and miss affair with the worse sounding like really bad Euro-dance.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” suffers this fate with lots of messing about as elements of the original are completely replaced towards the end with completely different backing tracks. Urggh! apparently it is an official remix from the UK Music Factory Mastermix remix service, can’t say I’ll be using them!

“Master And Servant” uses the already available Sherwood On U Sound as it’s basis which makes it half un-listenable with all the sound levelling issues POWER!!

At least “Nothing” gets a half decent remix by San Francisco’s Art Of Mix. Added computer game sounds, rave sirens and other unexpected overdubs.

A highlight is the very clean and sprightly remix of Route 66 by Nile Rogers (Of Chic) from the soundtrack of “Earth Girls And Easy” bass and guitar dominate until the main breakdown with the “Behind The Wheel” elements, which is very sharply produced.

“Never Let Me Down Again” will never be “Groovy” ! This starts off with a radio interlude and gets chopped about but the song remains!!

The fun begins with the near mash-ups of “World In My Eyes” by Ultimix and was put out on the Mixx-rite. Quite entertaining.

“Photogenic” isn’t the best with the ear crunching phases. Whilst “Deathwish” from Speak And Spell has loads of bass but still that God awful phasing. Thankfully both are short.

Finished off by a “blink and you’ll miss it” Megamix. It speeds up and slows down and includes more early 80’s Mode.


Techno Classix DJ Service ‎– TC003 depeched

1 Just Can’t Get Enough (Mastermix) 5:33
2 Master And Servant (Hammerhead Mix) 8:12
3 Nothing (Art Of Mix) 8:44
4 Route 66 (Nile Rogers Remix) 4:09
5 Never Let Me Down (Groovy Mix) 7:36
6 World In My Eyes (Mixx-Rite Remix) 5:35
7 Photogenic (Remix) 4:35
8 Deathwish (Remix) 3:36
9 The Official Megamix 8:21

7 thoughts on “Depeche Mode ‎– Vol. 2 (The Secret Remixes) (Bootleg CD)”

  1. Thanks for all the lovely Techno Classix DJ Service collections! You have the DM vol1 & Megamixes! to round out the series for us greedy folk? 🙂 Thanks for the brilliant site, always a good time seeing what you’ve posted!

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