Pet Shop Boys ‎– Rare Remixes & Megamixes (Bootleg CD)

Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys

Again from 1993 and a good selection of early Pet Shop Boys with lots of alternative versions.

Kicking off with the far superior 10″ Mix of “West End Girls”, it is quite different with added piano and saxophone, how to make a timeless classic even more timeless.

Shep Pettibone’s Master Mix of “Love Comes Quickly” breaks the track down and builds it up again. “It’s Alright” the environmentally friendly dance track, is next. Written by Sterling Void and remixed by Julian Mendelsohn the songs message still packs a punch.

The full eleven minute “Disco Version” of “Left To My Own Devices” shows how a 12″ should be constructed….Symphonic House. Remixed by Robin Hancock over the Trevor Horn production.

“That’s My Impression” a personal favourite of mine from their early days. Produced and remixed by Stephen Hague it just evokes memories of my teenage years, listening to it again it sounds a bit like Soft Cell, especially the last part.

As usual the CD finishes off with 3 megamixes. Because there are so many different versions of so many PSB hit songs it makes for an interesting listen. (The Megatrax Megamix does skip a little at the start)


Techno Classix DJ Service ‎– TC005pssb

1 West End Girls (10 Inch Mix) 6:58
2 Love Comes Quickly (Mastermix) 7:40
3 It’s Alright (10 Inch Mix) 4:42
4 Left To My Own Devices (Disco Mix) 11:24
5 That’s My Impression (Disco Mix) 5:17
6 PSB Megamix (Long) 15:28
7 PSB Megatrax Megamix 11:28
8 PSB2 (New Mega-Mix) 13:00

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