Erasure ‎– The Remix Project 1 (CD Bootleg)


Another Techno Classix DJ Service CD with Erasure in the spotlight with a compilation of various bootleg and commercial mixes.

Danny Rampling (or Runny Dumpling as he’s effectively known) kicks us off with a sped up, rave version of “Sometimes” – hee, hee dare fellow DJ’s to drop this version to turn a 80’s party into a Warehouse rave 🙂 Found originally on the CD re-issue of  “Who Needs Love (Like That)” from 1992. As was The Orb’s 9 min + version of “Ship Of Fools.” As you would expect a completely different reinterpretation with a trip hop beat, keeping most of the vocals and doing a great job.

In between we get a remix of “Weight Of The World” from the album “The Innocents.” Remixed by Bruce Smith (a famous British Drummer), who puts the female backing right at the front of the mix and adds a bouncing dance mix. (I wonder did he add the extra drums ?)

Fortran 5 remix “Who Needs Love (Like That) ” into a bit of an Ibiza anthem, with loads of added samples and not much of the song left – apart from the chorus. All the sounds being replaced into a deep house groove.

The last 3 early tracks get a Razormaid remix. So not too far away from the sound of the originals.

The closing track is a megamix by Fatbag Productions, inventive with a great introduction.!DqhHEAzY!XDNfQ7SBo2TCGNKrdB_QgqdzDxMdVOgkrfVyPUAr52o

Techno Classix DJ Service ‎– TC002erassss

1 Sometimes (Danny Rampling Remix) 5:59
2 Weight Of The World (Heavy ‘B’ Mix) 5:05
3 Ship Of Fools (Orbital Mix) 9:35
4 Who Needs Love (Like That) (Winnie Cooper Mix) 8:03
5 Push Me Shove Me (Razormaid Mix) 5:48
6 Heavenly Action (Razormaid Mix) 6:39
7 Who Needs Love (Like That) (Razormaid Mix) 6:02
Victim Of Mix (Megamix) 13:26
8.01 Oh L’Amour
8.02 Sometimes
8.03 It Doesn’t Have To Be
8.04 Who Needs Love Like That
8.05 Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
8.06 Victim Of Love (Vixenvitesse)


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