Jimmy Somerville with Bronski Beat ‎– Smalltown Boy (1991 Remix) (12″)

Somerville Sunday Part 2

Completist Alert. Previous post is on here but in the edited version 🙂

“Smalltown Boy” was released to promote “The Best Of” compilation and here the Harvey Goldberg 12″ version runs for 9 minutes, taking an age to build up until the beats kick in.

Of interest, and actually released in 1988, is the Clivilles and Cole House mix of The Communards track “There’s More To Love….” and it does sound very early House.

Had to take this down, apologies to the Artist.

London Records ‎– 869 283-1small

A Jimmy Somerville With Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy (Extended Version) 9:00
B1 Jimmy Somerville To Love Somebody (Boilerhouse Mix) 3:56
B2 The Communards There’s More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl (Jalapeno Mix) 6:33


2 thoughts on “Jimmy Somerville with Bronski Beat ‎– Smalltown Boy (1991 Remix) (12″)”

  1. So the reason for it was because Jimmy & Bronski were on the cover and the mates do not get along? People – Then Understanding has its open options!! Hopefully the first & last of a removal!!!!

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