Deee-Lite ‎– Good Beat (12″)


The long forgotten Dance Group Deee-Lite, formed in 1986 from Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York. The trio was led by vocalist Lady Miss Kier (born Kier Kirby in Youngstown, Ohio) and a pair of DJ’s, Super DJ Dmitry (a classically-trained guitarist and Russian emigre born, Dmitry Brill) and Jungle DJ Towa Towa (born Doug Wa-Chung in Tokyo, Japan)

This was the third and final release from the album “World Clique” and features guitar from Michael “Kid Funkadelic” Hampton (Parliament/Funkadelic)

The other mix is a nice jazzy house one from Pal Joey.

B-side is a electro/dub house track not on the album, soulful vocals from the Lady.


Elektra ‎– EKR 122 Tgoodfrontcov

A1 Good Beat (Extend The Beat Mix) 7:29
A2 Good Beat (Beatapella) 2:03
B1 Good Beat (Pal Joey’s Shake Your Body To The Beat Mix) 5:25
B2 Riding On Through! 4:29

6 thoughts on “Deee-Lite ‎– Good Beat (12″)”

  1. Hi DjJedredy, great new look!!
    Let me ask you a question: Was it you on that huuuge amount of vinyls in the previous photograph of the former presentation of “My vinyl dreams”?

  2. Love the new look DJJedredy 🙂 Do you have any Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie please? I’m after the reissue of ‘The Rattler’ if you have it please? Thank you Kevin

  3. I actually liked Dee-Lite a whole lot, in defiance of my usual disdain for house music. I saw the band on their first tour and Kier and Dimitri played live. Towa sat out the tour. The rest of the backing band was Bootsy Collins’ band so it was insanely fantastic! Kier sang powerfully and Dimitri was all over keys and rhythm guitar. And Bootsy’s Rubber Band was smoking hot. I would give good money for a high quality live recording of that tour! As great as the album was, it had nothing on the live performance.

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