Love And Money ‎– River Of People (Promo 12″)

An earlier single from Love And Money (and this time from Mike B) from 1986 and sounding like a very polished 80’s Pop band. Synths are everywhere and the main track gets a glossy, long mix from Mike Berry.

More astonishingly Shep Pettibone remixes their debut single “Candybar Express” funky it up to 11 but maybe not in a good way, probably too many gimmicks for fans of the band but a great listen for any 80’s remix junkies. Very very similar to Hipsway’s “The Honeythief”


Mercury ‎– MADDOX 19candy

A River Of People (Extended Version) 7:03
B Candybar Express (Pettibone Mix) 5:59

2 thoughts on “Love And Money ‎– River Of People (Promo 12″)”

  1. Underrated band, had a 7″ of them as Friends Again (South Of Love) back in the mid-80’s. They had a great track called “Hallelujah Man”, and some serious guitar playing on “Jocelyn Square”

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