Heaven 17 ‎– Train Of Love In Motion (12″)

From the 1988 album ‘Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho’ and at a time Heaven 17 were struggling with popularity and this quite mediocre single didn’t help. The lyrics and the trying to catchy chorus with all the “naah naah’s”

The 12″ has a more than a nod to Moroder about it and improves it by getting more electronic.

The other 2 tracks are both from the album (well the CD version), “Work” and “Giving Up” and they were still using the tried and tested Linn Drum machine that immediately dates them as earlier than ’88. I think they were trying to sound too much like a band but as everyone knows it was mostly samplers. Tim Cansfield’s versatile guitar can be heard and they did (and still do) love their R & B.

There is a very interesting article about the album here, for all you tech heads






SAM_1927Virgin ‎– VST 1134

A1 Train Of Love In Motion (The Mainline Mix) 5:58
A2 Work 3:39
B1 Train Of Love In Motion (7″ Version) 3:30
B2 Giving Up 3:05

One thought on “Heaven 17 ‎– Train Of Love In Motion (12″)”

  1. While I won’t completely disagree that H17 was searching for a spark to reignite past glory at this point in their career, I have lots of time for this remix. I always read a great deal of tongue and cheek in those “na na na nah’s” – sort of disembodied Bananarama in their delivery. Yes Moroder is all over the remix, but it enhances things for me. I will give you that Giving Up is sort of sub-Curiosity Killed The Cat – and we don’t need that, EVER. But work has a good deal of Luxury Gap DNA in it, making it a favorite of mine.

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