Swans Way ‎– The Anchor (12″)


The modern jazzy vibe of Swans Way, produced by John Walters and mixed by Mark Freegard, it sounds as if it could be recorded today. Excellent arrangements on the A-side.

B-side goes off on a more dancey New Wave direction, some mad 80’s vocalisation going on here too! Rock that Double Bass! Produced by Mike Thorne, excellent!



Balgier ‎– PH DJ 3112swannn

A The Anchor (Full Length Version) 6:35
B Keeping It Strong (Extended Version) 7:30

The Blow Monkeys ‎– Sweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) (US Promo 12″)

Exploring the realms of dance Dr. Robert, for 1985, was well before his time on this US only release. A production and mix by Peter Wilson and Michael Baker with Axel Kröll and Edits by The Latin Rascals, it sounds much later than ’85. It later appeared on the album “Animal Magic.” Reggae star Eek-A-Mouse appears on guest backing vocals.

Funky stuff and the Murderess Dub is something else, mix of the last month 🙂




RCA ‎– 5775-1-RDABsweet

A1 Sweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) (Extended Version) 5:34
A2 Sweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) (Single Version) 3:19
B1 Sweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) (Murderess Dub Version) 7:59
B2 Sweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) (Single Version) 3:19

Well Red – Limit Of Your Loving (US Promo 12″)


More obscure UK Funk from the mid 80’s. Well Red were the duo of Lorenzo Hall (vocals) and Richie Stevens (producer and drummer and ex-member of The Latin Quarter) were signed to Virgin.

This was there debut release and given a Pete Hammond remix, there is a lot going on here, sequencers, funky bass and deep synths. For fans of Kajagoogoo.

The B-side is a darker dub version of the A-side, quite electronic with plenty of effects and a driving bass sequencer and some excellent synth sounds.



Next Plateau Records Inc. ‎– NP 50032welred

A Limit Of Your Loving 6:38
B1 Limit Of Your Loving 3:22
B2 Don’t Let Up 5:36

Dan Hartman ‎– We Are The Young (US 12″)

Funky Electro Rock from Dan Hartman also from 1984. What a nice phat bass on here!

Remixed by Larry Levan and Ron St. Germain, exclusive for this mix. The instrumental again being more of a dub.

Here is a link to the UK twelve, re-upped for ya…




MCA Records ‎– MCA-23517young

A We Are The Young (Club Version) 6:52
B1 We Are The Young (Instrumental Version) 6:52
B2 We Are The Young (LP Version) 4:19

Pat Benatar ‎– We Belong (German 12″)

Starting off the New Year with some Pat from 1984.

“We Belong” is quite synthy really, with the acoustic guitar kicks in and that catchy chorus. Recently getting an airing in Deadpool 2, it was written by American songwriter duo Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro.

Written and produced by husband, Neil Giraldo. “We Live For Love” has a definite New Wave vibe to it, sequenced bass and guitar. The original version featured on the 1979 album “IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT” which was a lot heavier.

Album track, “Suburban King” goes into political, almost Springsteen territory, a gentle acoustic ballad, short and sweet.




Chrysalis ‎– 601 559pat

A We Belong 3:40
B1 We Live For Love ’84 Re-Mix 3:55
B2 Suburban King 1:46