Swans Way ‎– The Anchor (12″)


The modern jazzy vibe of Swans Way, produced by John Walters and mixed by Mark Freegard, it sounds as if it could be recorded today. Excellent arrangements on the A-side.

B-side goes off on a more dancey New Wave direction, some mad 80’s vocalisation going on here too! Rock that Double Bass! Produced by Mike Thorne, excellent!



Balgier ‎– PH DJ 3112swannn

A The Anchor (Full Length Version) 6:35
B Keeping It Strong (Extended Version) 7:30

8 thoughts on “Swans Way ‎– The Anchor (12″)”

      1. Thanks Mike. I appreciate that. Do you happen to have the When The Wild Calls promo 12″ & a 7″ for The Anchor that has Keeping it Strong London Spring Mix?

    1. That mix is on the 12” but I’m not sure if is the same mix or maybe both the 7” & 12” have different time lengths. Promo’s for the other tracks I do not have at this time. Will try and hunt these down. Seems they may be a rare find!

      1. Thanks Mike. The When the Wild Calls 12″ promo is of most interest. It has a B side called Film but says not to be used.

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