Bros ‎– I Owe You Nothing (Over 18 Mix) (12″)


I have 96 Followers. Completed a total of 3206 Posts (I was suppose to retire the blog at 3000 !!) My current total number of views is 1,222,238. I’ve just bought 40 quids worth of 80’s Vinyl (So much for going all 90’s in January, it’ll have to be February….Sorry!) I have the wondrous Mike B, shipping gems over from America, WINX chipping in with some rare Euro Stuff and a few others who have kindly chipped in with their own contributions.

Thanks for your Support, comments and likes, let’s welcome 2019!

Dug this out for your NYE Parties. The 18 minute mix of their second release from June 1988. Produced by Nicky Graham and mixed by Ric Wake (who also plays guitar) and remixed by Shep Pettibone (who also adds some extra percussion)

A little trip through the sound files of a Synclavier, it starts off and finishes and starts off again, Maximum Bros!! (The bassline would nicely blend into TIffany’s ” Think We’re Alone Now” )

The B side contains literally nothing. There is a grove split into six bands of varying lengths but no audible sound! (I’ve not included it)


CBS ‎– ATOM QT4 brosssssed

A I Owe You Nothing (Over 18 Mix) 18:01
B Nothing



10 thoughts on “Bros ‎– I Owe You Nothing (Over 18 Mix) (12″)”

  1. Thanks for all your work on the blog, it is amazing. While I dont like everything, I do appreciated the time, effort and expense you go to to do it.

    And yes I know I am a very poor commenter, but just wanted to say THANK YOU! And Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the great posts this year, bought back so many memories, regarding bros do you have the blues brothers bootleg of I owe you nothing that dmc put out as a white label. if you do could you post it please, I used to have it bit lost when I moved house many years ago.

  3. 96 Followers? GTFOH. You should have 10 times that! I fell honored to be in the club. I love what you do and look forward to new earworms in 2019

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