Kaja ‎– Turn Your Back On Me (US & UK 12″)

Nick Beggs takes over lead vocals and give his Chapman Stick a workout on this 1984 synth-funk track. Limahl had left by then so they dropped the “Goo-Goo” (eventually) and the trio of Nick Beggs (Bass, vocals) Steve Askew (guitar) and Stuart Neal (Keyboards) forged ahead with their “signature” sound; on here helped by the backing vocals of David Grant (Lynx)

Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero provide the remix on the US 12″ release. Funk and technology in a perfect blend. Layers and layers of percussion nearly drown out the dub mix.




EMI America ‎– V-7850-1/2kaja

A Turn Your Back On Me (Flipped Disc Mix) 6:58
B Turn Your Back On Me (Dub Mix) 5:32


The UK 12″ release had only the extended version, single mix and the experimental instrumental, “The Pump Rooms Of Bath”. Produced with Colin Thurston it proved that Limahl was not the most important ingredient. 




EMI ‎– 12EMI 5465turn

A Turn Your Back On Me (Extended Mix)
B1 The Pump Rooms Of Bath
B2 Turn Your Back On Me

4 thoughts on “Kaja ‎– Turn Your Back On Me (US & UK 12″)”

  1. Great minds think alike! Before Pete Shelley died last week, I was planning to write about the delicious US 12″ of “Turn Your Back On Me” on Friday, but once I get back to work after this snow event [who knows when? – I am taking Wednesday off and it’ll probably be on Thursday before I have a lunch hour to blog again] I still plan on discussing the change in my attitude towards Kajagoogo that this song represented.

      1. djjedredy – Actually here’s a scoop. I think they only did some good stuff after Limahl left. I can appreciate the killer bass line for “Too Shy,” but that’s as far as that went.

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