Shooting Party ‎– I Know That Mood (12″)


Obscure band of the Month – Shooting Party

The synth duo of Gary Strange (bass and vocals) and Roger P. Ferris (vocals) emerged from 70’s band, who were just as obscure but liked their guitars.

This was their debut release from 1985 before they were taken under the wing of PWL in the late 80’s and smeared with THAT sound.

This was produced by Stuart Kerrison, who was in the late 70’s band Scandal and was a budding producer. The sound is orchestrated (it starts off with an orchestra tuning up) and bombast with some chugging guitar over the top of a clipped bass. Trying to revisit the decades earlier New Romantic sound, it does sound like mid-80’s OMD. (if it didn’t have that guitar)

Cowbell electronic production appears on the B-side, more dance orientated with a sequenced bass, synth noises and the ever present guitar (not lost their rock band roots it seems) I’m getting a flavour of Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Liverpool era) via Thin Lizzy ?!?

NEW LINK  2022

Siren ‎– SIREN 12-12SAM_8271

A I Know That Mood (Royal Box Version)
B One Shot (Bhaji Mix)

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