Pete Shelley ‎– Sides Of Pete Shelley (US Promo 12″)

A US Promo to promote his first solo LP and released in ’82. Three strong tracks co-produced with Martin Rushent at Genetic Studios. It advertises “Special Mixes” but as a collector I couldn’t tell the difference on “Homosapian”, maybe on “Yesterday’s Not Here” but it is very subtle with a different percussion and louder guitars. The B-side is quite similar but very different to earlier “I Don’t Know What It Is” where Rushent does a bit of “Love & Dancing” on the mix. (Remember this was Pre-Dare but only just!)


Here is a link to the other 12″‘s of that period with refreshed links;


Arista ‎– SP-133 DMSAM_1647

A1 Homosapien (Special Dance Mix) 4:27
A2 Yesterday’s Not Here (Special Dance Mix) 4:32
B Witness The Change/ I Don’t Know What It Is (Extended Combo Version) 8:16


3 thoughts on “Pete Shelley ‎– Sides Of Pete Shelley (US Promo 12″)”

      1. Think he means sarcastically as Pete Shelley died yesterday (Thanks Winx!! – Surprise – Never Knew) Other than that – Who Knows….! No idea what he passed away from or cause? A buddy of mine got a twitter notification about it that is how he knew.

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