Yazz And The Plastic Population ‎– The Only Way Is Up (The Bam Bam Remixes) Plus the Regular UK release (2 x12″)

Mike B has spoilt us by including a FLAC recording as well as an MP3 on some of his latest rips, I’ll be here all night if I started doing that (Sorry!)

A massive number 1 hit in 1988 this gets the Bam Bam treatment from American producer/artist Chris Westbrook. Cutting everything back and providing a harder, acid house vibe.





FLAC! (490 MB For 3 songs!!!)


Big Life ‎– BLR 12128way

A The Only Way Is Up (The Bam Bam Remix) 7:24
B1 The Only Way Is Up (The Up Up Up Mix) 7:24
B2 Bad House Music

As usual for fans of the original and regular 12″, I did rip a copy a while back…. here to complete your collection. With a longer version of “Bad House Music.”




Big Life ‎– BLR 4Tyuzz

A The Only Way Is Up 6:44
B Bad House Music 7:07

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