Scritti Politti ‎– Hypnotize + Turntable Mix & Regular UK 12″(Both 12″)

Wind back to 1984 and the trio of David Gamson, Fred Maher and Green Gartside were pioneering not only the use of the samplers but the art of pure synthpop. Nothing sounded anything near at the time. Credit must also given to Gary Langan and Engineer Ray Bardani. With a little extra guitar from Nick Moroch.

This includes the longer version and a short version of the single and a special megamix (featuring Hypnotize/Wood Beez/Absolute)with some extra overdubs by Mastermind Wizard Of The Turntable, Herbie Laidley, sound bites of Aretha Franklin for Woodbeez no lees.


Virgin ‎– VS 725-13SAM_8927

A-1 Hypnotize (Long) – 4:24

A-2 Hypnotize (Version) – 3:33

Scritti Politti Turntable Mix – 6:30




Here is the version I have with the proper 6 and half minute “version” version


Virgin ‎– VS 725-12hypnoproperbackcov

A1 Hypnotize (Long)
A2 Hypnotize (Short)
B Hypnotize (Version)

One thought on “Scritti Politti ‎– Hypnotize + Turntable Mix & Regular UK 12″(Both 12″)”

  1. I loved how the [long] mix available only here, had the all important extra verse with the great line “you hit below the bible belt.” 12″ mixes with extra lyrical verses were always appreciated.

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