Silly Sunday Song 23 – Divine ‎– Hard Magic (12″)

Was struggling for a Silly Sunday Song this week with a Divine 12″ I had bought a few weeks ago in contention, the video sealed the deal!!

By 1985 Harris Glenn Milstead had encamped in London, releasing his last album ,”Maid In England” in 1988.

Typical Hi-NRG beats and bassline but with live sounding drums and some guitar shredding. It does have a bit of a Hallowe’en atmosphere to it with howling wolves and screeching cats.

It was produced by Nick Titchener and Pete Ware and contains the superior “Magic Mix” as well as an instrumental if you are too traumatized by the “vocals.”

But heh,the video…..


Proto ‎– ENAT 131hardfrontcov

A Hard Magic
B1 Hard Magic (Magic Mix)
B2 Hard Magic (Instrumental Mix)

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