The Silencers ‎– Romanic (Vinyl LP)


Second dose from Pittsburgh’s The Silencers this week and their second and final album.

“Romanic” was released in 1981 and see’s the band go to a more commercial, Rock & Roll sound with viewer synths and New Wave guitar. A trio of well established backing singers were employed ( Jocelyn Brown, Krystal Davis and LaRita Gaskins) as well as some saxophone from Bruce Kapler, Chuck Cossie (Chic) helped co-produce and gives it a bit more a funk feel in places, check out “Words Follows Words.” Great opener “Sidewalk Romeo” but it’s very inconsistent.

There are a few cod reggae tracks in here and it seems the band were not sure what direction to go so covered most bases.

Again the files are in the OGG format but they’ll play quite happily in VLC Media Player.


Precision ‎– JZ 37085roma

A1 Sidewalk Romeo (Angel Of Mercy) 5:12
A2 1 Of Those Girls 3:08
A3 Cry Tough 3:11
A4 Heart Attack 3:37
B1 Girl Waiting 3:37
B2 Love Is Blind 3:18
B3 Stolen Faces 3:18
B4 Romanic 2:50
B5 Words Follow Words 5:00

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