The Damned ‎– Eloise (‘No Sleep Until Wednesday’ Mix) (UK Promo 12″)

Knowingly retro sounding; think old films and the sixties. ‘Eloise’ was a cover version of the 1968 song by Barry Ryan and The Damned’s biggest hit.

This 12″ version is quite different and a great alternative listen from the overplayed 7″ version. Starting with the arpeggioated chords before the drums kick in there are lots of dramatic pauses, my choice for any 80’s disco.

Bonus tracks include another short cover of Adam Faith’s “The Beat Girl” (which appeared on a soundtrack from the series of the same name by John Barry)

Liking “Temptation” it works well with the A-side, revealing the bands obsession with Jim Morrison and The Doors. Goth Rock at its best.


MCA Records ‎– GRIMX4SAM_8123 (1)

A Eloise (‘No Sleep Until Wednesday’ 6:50 Mix) 6:50
B1 Beat Girl 2:21
B2 Temptation 4:12


  1. Vim Baselink · November 14

    Great remix; a proper 12 inch version….. its a like a different arrangement rather than something that has been created on a computer by dropping in extra beats or chorus sections

  2. Winx · November 16

    This 12″ came in blue vinyl for free with my purchase of Phantasmagoria … GREAT STUFF!!!!

    thank you

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