Ryuichi Sakamoto (featuring Iggy Pop) ‎– Risky (US Promo 12″)

As usual different mixes from the UK 12″ so it gets on here for the completists. A great track in its own right Bill Laswell produces, Julian Mendelsohn remixes and Iggy croons and speaks in that familiar drawl.

(Here is the links to UK version; B- side “After All” is a typical, atmospheric and jazzy Sakamoto instrumental



https://www59.zippyshare.com/v/jP9TKLHF/file.html )

and for Mike’s rip




Epic ‎– EAS 1042edit

A Risky (Ultimix Edit) 7:29
B Risky (Remix) 6:55

4 thoughts on “Ryuichi Sakamoto (featuring Iggy Pop) ‎– Risky (US Promo 12″)”

  1. Great track – one of the 80’s relics that I still have is a 5” laserdisk single for this which has the video for the song.
    Nowadays you can just click click and watch it on YouTube but back then it was a different story.

  2. Never heard this track before and I have literally all Iggy’s solo albums.. Its alright too. Sounds like it belongs on Iggy’s Bowie produced album rather than the “rock” sounding one which Laswell went on to produce, which is odd.

  3. In the first file, the track that was supposed to be “Risky” is in fact a remix of B.A.D.’s “A Party” (a shorter version of the Dub version, I think…)

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