Kraftwerk ‎– Ultra Rare Traxx 3 (Vinyl Rip)


Kraftwerk have always been very precious about their music and identity, employing only trusted remixers and keeping close tabs on their sound and image, quality assurance. The Control thing even reached down to ordering a band to change its name. There was a Liverpool band called Kling Klang who I quite liked back in the early 2000’s The Boys From Dusseldorf got wind of this and demanded that they change their name!!

This was an unofficial double album that surfaced in 2004. Outtakes and demo’s are mixed in with a couple of bootleg remixes. Not totally un-listenable, just weird variations that don’t detract from the main melodies.


and FLAC!!!!!!

PNC Records ‎– KFT003Kraftwerk - U R T 3 (Vinyl x 2) Front

A1 Pocket Calculator (East Meets West Mix)
A2 The Robots (Unreleased Demo Mix)
A3 Computer Love (Original Mix)
B1 Showroom Dummies (M.C.M.G. Mix)
B2 Neon Lights (Original 12” Mix)
C1 Computer World (Robotron Mix)
C2 The Man Machine (Original Mix)
C3 It’s More Fun To Compute (Unreleased Demo Mix)
D1 Trans Europe Express (T.E.E. Mix)
D2 Sex Object (Razormaid Mix)

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