Transvision Vamp ‎– Tell That Girl To Shut Up (12″)

Well it’s been a while that we heard from Transvision Vamp! Carrying on with my female fronted trio today is this from 1988. Keeping the punk pop aesthetic and causing minor trembles in adolescent pants countrywide.

Written by ex-member of The Waitresses , Holly Vincent. It actually appeared on her Holly and The Italians LP.  It’s all about girls fighting (honestly) and was the second single from the album “Pop Art.” Zeus B. Held ramps up the drums on the extended mix whilst the “Knuckle Duster” is just an instrumental/dub of it.

The B-side is an odd, deliberately reversed instrumental. A mess around by the bands guitarist Nick Sayer and producer Duncan Bridgeman. The album track “Psychosonic Cindy” remixed. I was bored so I recorded it twice, one normally and one actually reversed. Still sounds crap.

2 links to choose  from!!


MCA Records ‎– TVVT 2shut

A Tell That Girl To Shut Up (Extended Mix) 6:20
B1 Tell That Girl To Shut Up (Knuckle Duster Mix) 4:44
B2 God Save The Royalties 3:12

All Transvision Vamp with refreshed links 🙂

Classic Vamp

More later Vamp here (early ’90s)


Movieland ‎– Postcard To New York (US Promo 12″)

So it’s nearly a year since I visited New York for a friends Birthday. Fittingly (and unknowingly) Mike B sent over this lovely piece of synthpop about the Big Apple. Never released on CD and so nice and obscure for your listening pleasure.

Only releasing just the one album and a couple of singles, Movieland were a synthpop trio of Davia Sacks, Lothar Segeler and Richard Lewis. Lead singer Davia Sacks was married to famous US jazz pianist and composer Phil Markowitz. Segeler had worked with keyboard legend Herbie Hancock and Lewis had been part of the New Wave band The Jellies.

Released in the Summer of 1986 and with the remix provided by Bruce Forest and a suitably MTV friendly video. Caribbean chiming synths and a very catchy chorus, reminds me a bit like Fleetwood Mac. Pretty poor dub mix tho! – takes it time to get going with some decent guitar by Segeler.

One of those songs you have probably not heard for ages!!

RCA Victor ‎– JW-14369SAM_9479

A Postcard To New York (Extended Version) 8:00
B1 Postcard To New York (Remix Single Version) 3:13
B2 Postcard To New York (Dub Version) 6:18


Liza Minnelli ‎– Don’t Drop Bombs (12″)

From the LP “Results” and a very dance-orientated track produced by the Pet Shop Boys with Julian Mendelsohn and scratches and percussion by C J Macintosh. Again Tessa Niles provides the backing.  Minnelli is doing a bit of a Grace Jones. Excellent sound from the PSB and another star getting a Reboot from their attention.

Epic ‎– ZEE T2bombfrontcov

A Don’t Drop Bombs (Extended Remix) 5:53
B1 Don’t Drop Bombs (Dub Mix) 5:44
B2 Don’t Drop Bombs (Accapella) 3:40

Londonbeat ‎– 9 A.M. (12″)

A forgotten classic from 1988 with the rich harmonies of Londonbeat. The main track has no beats, just a chill-out tune. All about commuting in the winter in New York.

The B-sides include an electro funk track, “Talent On The Make” – a complete contrast to the A-side. Also there is a genuine Acid House track on the flip, running at 8 minutes long, it’s stripped back and hard as hell. It was probably doing the rounds in clubs as a White Label before cropping up here on general release, keeping the bands identity hidden.

More Londonbeat here

And here


Anxious Records ‎– ANX T 0089frontcov.jpg

A1 9 A.M. (The Comfort Zone)
A2 Talent On The Make
B1 There’s An Acid House Going On