Re-uppage 56 – (Mick Jagger, Paul Carrack, Yes X2, The Other Ones, Robert Palmer x2, The Kane Gang, Mental As Anything x3, The Human League x3, INXS )

Lots of variety in this weeks requests, thanks! Bloody took an hour to sort 😦

Mick Jagger – Just Another Night (US 12″) For MATT (the start of a series of gnarly, old solo artists)









Paul Carrack – One Good Reason (US Promo 12″) For MATT (a dedicated follower of this here blog !)







Yes – Rhythm Of Love (12″) For MATT (getting the requests in!)


YES – Owner Of A Lonely Heart ’91 Mixes (German 12″) (Yes MATT Yes!!!)








The Other Ones – Holiday (US Promo 12″) For DJMrTim (The US Promo 4 you Sir!)


Robert Palmer – Pride X 2 (US Promo 12″ and Normal battered 12″) For DJMrTim (Get it whilst it’s Hot)


















The Kane Gang – Gun Law (US 12″) For Kevin (Ta Ra Ta Tat)









Mental As Anything – 3 x 12″s For Mr Canine Gonads


The Human League – Love Action & The Sound Of The Crowd (2003 Remixes) For Ian  (Note- not all of the mixes!)










Human League – Louise (12″) For Ian (May the Sign be worth it)


The Human League – Love Is All That Matters (Extended Version) (12″) For Ian (thanks for putting the requests with postings!)









INXS – Suicide Blonde (U.S. Promo 12″) For Mr. Winkel (Just the one this week, Sir, just the one!)




One comment

  1. Ian · October 21

    Thanks so much, really appreciated!

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