Throwing Muses ‎– Dizzy (US Promo 12″)

A proper debut on this blog for Throwing Muses and the late 80’s line-up of Bass, Vocals –Leslie Langston, Drums, Percussion, Vocals – David Narcizo, Guitar, Vocals – Tanya Donelly and Guitar, Vocals, Piano – Kristin Hersh.

Jangle to perfection with production by Gary Smith (Pixies, 10,000 Manics) A Country style to it with a smattering of Cranberries vocals.

Guitar-led Indie and a couple of short, rare mixes. According to a post on Discogs The “Too Many Words Mix” is the album version (“Hunkpapa”) with full lyrics. The “Too Many Notes Mix” ditches a couple of verses and both are subtlety different in terms of sound – one for the fans then!

or for less annoying pop-ups

Sire ‎– PRO-A-3395dizzy

A Dizzy (Too Many Words Mix) 3:42
B Dizzy (Too Many Notes Mix) 3:24

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