Redmath – Pray (Vinyl LP Rip)


Let’s get schooled.

Obscure band on a rare CD rip from 1988. Who are Redmath? Well it seems to be an American Alt. rock band (from Cincinnati) fronted by guitarist and vocalist Paul Stewart. Bass was provided by Paul Brooke, with extra guitars and keys by Steve Schulte and Michael Davis and even more keyboards by Geno Valle.

Like a New Wave Faith No More with 80’s styled vocals. (I’m getting a bit of Kajagoogoo here and there!) It would certainly fit well with lovers of Tackhead and Adrian Sherwood and those into darker, funk rock for Side 1. On side 2 it lightens up a hell of a lot – is it the same band ? There is even a sickly sweet ballad called “Whats To Say” Thank God it finishes with the epic “Pray, Fast, Obey” -prog rock-esque.

Heresy Records ‎– HR001pray

A1 Brain Dead 3:25
A2 Leave Me Alone 4:36
A3 Before The Flood 6:05
A4 Wrought In Promise 2:55
A5 Through The Gate 4:35
B1 So This Is America 5:30
B2 Whats To Say 3:17
B3 Piece Of Purpose 1:42
B4 Pray, Fast, Obey 9:43

Freiheit ‎– Fantasy (CD Rip)

More Freiheit ? More Power Pop with a European accent ?

E.L.O. and The Beatles influences abound. This was their second album to be recorded in English, containing English versions of all tracks from their fifth studio album, “Fantasie”.

With the orchestrated (by The London Symphony Orchestra) “Keeping The Dream Alive” as an opener and closer, this 1988 release cemented their popularity across Europe. It also appeared in the John Cusack film, “Say Anything.”

The album is full of hooks and catchy harmonies but suffers a bit from over production (by Armand Volker again) and corny lyrics. “Tears Are A….” it could be A-ha, it’s quite synthy but probably the style of the music on the album is 3 years too late.

CBS ‎– CBS 462 482 2fantaa

1 Keeping The Dream Alive (Single Version) 4:16
2 Kissed You In The Rain 3:48
3 Diana 4:14
4 The Land Of Fantasy 4:55
5 Moonlight 3:11
6 Tears Are A Girl’s Best Friend 4:57
7 So Good 4:08
8 Forever And A Day 3:20
9 Poor Little Boy 3:28
10 On The Run To Be Free 4:08
11 Keeping The Dream Alive (Extended Version) 6:34


Rick James Featuring Roxanne Shante And Big Daddy Kane ‎– Loosey’s Rap (US 12″)

Funky Hip Hop as Rick James teams up with Roxanne Shante on this release from 1988. Cool as f*** and very fly, with guitar over a tight electronic backing for fans of Prince from the originator. Marley Marl adds more beats, vocals and funky keyboards. Big Daddy Kane becomes involved on the Raw and House Of Trix mixes, which have more rapping on them, funnily enough. The House Of Trix being a Hip House track with plenty of samples! Something for everyone.

Reprise Records ‎– 0-20941loose

A1 Loosey’s Rap (Rix Mix) 3:54
A2 Loosey’s Rap (Marley Marl Mix) 5:40
B1 Loosey’s Rap (Loosey’s House Of Trix Mix) 4:24
B2 Loosey’s Rap (Instrumental) 4:07
B3 Loosey’s Rap (Raw Rap Version) 3:50

L’Trimm ‎– Cars With The Boom / Don’t Come To My House + Grab It (2 x US Promo 12″)


New to me and some early Hip Hop with an electro flavour from duo, L’Trimm. Released in 1988 it features rap artists Lady Tigra (Rachel de Rougemont) and Bunny D. (Elana Cager) Tigra was an amateur graffiti artist, poet and break-dancer who wrote rhymes. Bunny D was a classically trained dancer and performer who also wrote hip-hop lyrics. At High School they gained attention as a group called XTC and would rap battle boys during their lunch period. Female emcees were a rarity at the time. They were also featured dancers on the syndicated TV show Miami Teen Express that was taped and aired every week throughout South Florida, Atlanta and New York.

“Cars With The Boom” is a bit of a classic for those into Car Sound Systems – there is a bass somewhere in here. “”Don’t Come To My House” has some witty rhymes over some well laid beats and edits.



Time-X Records ‎– HAL 1284SAM_9405

A Cars With The Boom (Hot Summer Boom Remix) 4:01
B Don’t Come To My House (Cool Summer Remix) 4:02

Heavily influenced by Salt n Peppa’s “Push It”. “Grab It” is a primitive, funky rhythm track with some raunchy, cheesy rapping over the top. Again produced by The Fly Boys collective. The mixes don’t vary much but I’m liking the Jazz Dub with the added, echoing trumpet! I’m sure Donald Trump loved it!

Time-X Records ‎– HAL 1255XSAM_9461

A1 Grab It (Def Remix) 4:26
A2 Grab It (Club Mix) 5:45
B1 Grab It (Original Mix) 4:20
B2 Grab It (Razzma Jazz Dub)

Holly Knight ‎– Heart Don’t Fail Me Now (US Promo 12″)

A bit of a one hit wonder from Holly Knight, when a  New York, Grammy Award winning songwriter has a go at being her own pop star. (Having written for Tina Turner, Heart and Pat Benatar amongst others.)

Previously being a member of the band Device playing keyboards and bass. This was the opening track off her only self-titled album and was released in 1988. Daryl Hall  provides backing vocals with big, 80’s production by Chris Lord-Alge. Instantly recognizable , I’d forgotten about this one.

Columbia ‎– CAS 1174holly

A Heart Don’t Fail Me Now (Extended Remix) 5:33
B Heart Don’t Fail Me Now (Edit) 5:07

Silly Sunday Song 14 – Captain Sensible – Wot ! (US Promo 12″)

With the US Promo with “Happy Talk” (also from 1982) featuring the band Dolly Mixture on the flipside,  a synth cover of the from the 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific – Birdy Song anyone ??? Captain Sensible (Guitarist with punk band The Damned) must have laughed all the way to the bank!!

The 12″ version of “Wot” was produced by Tony Mansfield and features the Mixtures on backing vocals and a rap by Sensible. “Rapper’s Delight” via Chic bassline all over it! Robyn Hitchcock provides the guitar, I think 🙂


A & M Records – SP-12052wottt

A – Wot – 5:41

B – Happy Talk – 3:29

Ofra Haza ‎– Galbi (US 12″)

A traditional Yemen Folk Song given a modern twist from Israeli Super Star the late Ofra Haza. From 1988 and produced and programmed by Izhar Ashdot and Yoav Gera from the original 1984 version (that is also on here, in its more traditional form)

The long “Super” mix is heavy on the drum machines and pop sounding synths which sort of sits comfortably with the classic backing of traditional instruments.

Sung in Yemeni Arabic, it is hauntingly beautiful.


Shanachie ‎– shanachie 7004SAM_3233

A1 Galbi (Long Super Mix Version) 7:22
B1 Galbi (Short Version) 4:19
B2 Galbi (LP Version) 4:18

Remain In Silence ‎– Monument (CD R Reissue)


Naughty for not being vinyl but I wanted a bit of a dark start to the Weekend. Goth Rock from Hanover, Germany. A reissue of a 1985 album plus some live tracks added on. Remain In Silence followed the formula of reverbed, distorted guitar and heavy bass with dramatic vocals. They comprised of Ralph Deege on bass, Andreas Buchwald on guitar, Thomas Feibig on drums and Andreas Gimpel on vocals.

Minimal but precise arrangement with the occasional electronic drum give it a Coldwave feel.

The live stuff is , as you would expect, quite raw and rough round the edges.

Fountainhead Records ‎– FHCD 002remained

1 Lonesome Hours 4:46
2 Hope In Fear 4:53
3 My Room 5:05
4 Wasted Time 3:59
5 Moments Of Decadence 4:04
6 Hero (Live ?) 6:26
7 Distant View (Live) 4:57
8 Tears Can’t Bring You Back (Live) 3:42
9 Why Me (Live) 3:31
10 Lonesome Hours (Live) 4:42
11 Wasted Time (Live) 3:36
12 Injured Animal (Live) 3:23