Re-uppage – 53 (Fad Gadget, Fra Lippo Lippi, Robert Görl feat. Annie Lennox, Red Flag x2, The Pretenders, Stewart Copeland With Adam Ant, Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, Charlie Sexton x2, Sigue Sigue Sputnik )

Probably more Big Hitters next week but Mr Winkel will be pleased!!!

Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People (feat. Einstuerzende Neubauten) (12″) For Kevin (Great Choice!!!)


Fra Lippo Lippi ‎– Come Summer (Extended Remix) (12″) For Odhie (There you go!)









Robert Görl feat. Annie Lennox ‎– Darling Don’t Leave Me (US Promo 12″) For Krawinkel (He’s Back!)









Red Flag – If I Ever (US 12″ Promo) For Krawend (apparently Killer mixes on here!)











Red Flag – Broken Heart (US 12″) For Mr. W (Not sounding like Depeche Mode at all!)


The Pretenders ‎– Don’t Get Me Wrong (12″) For Retro Hound (piddling in Chrissie’s bush)









Stewart Copeland With Adam Ant ‎– Out Of Bounds For Juan Carlos (Enjoy!!!)


Oran ‘Juice’ Jones ‎– The Rain (Remix) (US Promo 12″) and  For Qlazarus (These are all I have !)

And UK 12″

Def Jam Recordings ‎– TA 7303

A The Rain 5:05
B Your Song 4:34









Charlie Sexton – Impressed (12″) For Retrohound (Doing drugs while using sailing instrumentation)

SAM_2532 (2)








Charlie Sexton – Beat So Lonely (12″) For Retrohound (beating things solo)









Sigue Sigue Sputnik – A Retrospective Volume 3 – 1989 – It’s long way down. For Krawinkel who has been waiting months for this !!!!

More SSS Mk 2 coming your way!





Trouble Funk ‎– Still Smokin’ (12″)

Proper funk by the trailblazers from 1985 and 3 mixes on the seminal 4th & Broadway label. From the genre called Go Go, originally from Washington and being a blend of funk, rhythm and blues, and old school hip-hop with plenty of percussion.

I’m liking the “Beat Is Bad” mix less cheesy vocals and more synth interlude.

4th & Broadway ‎– 12 GOGO 5


A Still Smokin’ (Hug-A-But) 5:31
B1 Still Smokin’ (Radio) 3:32
B2 Still Smokin’ (The Beat Is Bad) 5:43

Okay ‎– Bang! (German Vinyl LP)

So a full LP of tongue-in-cheek, German synthpop from the band Okay from Frankfurt. (Thanks Winx) They were a quartet of Robin Otis (bass), Christian Berg (keyboards), the singer Marcus Gabler and Nikki Pfeil (drums) . Mainly a pin-up group, Robin Otis ( a.k.a. Andreas Weber) became a successful Dance producer

A bit of a mixed bag with plenty of samples “E-d-u-c-a-t-i-o-n” being the standout track on side 1 – Pink Floyd meets Kraftwerk. “Raid Over Moscow” has elements of “Moon Over Moscow”, “For Love And Pride” takes the Pet Shop Boys for influence via Behind The Wheel!!! The best track is the long, weird and puzzling “Tambo! Tambo!” – trying to be World Music but failing.

I think there is some stuff by this group on here but I couldn’t find it on a search.


CBS ‎– 465829 1okay

A1 The Wild, Wild Western 5:29
A2 I Won’t Forget 3:29
A3 Champagne For The Boy 4:00
A4 E-d-u-c-a-t-i-o-n 3:41
A5 Raid Over Moscow 4:44
B1 For Love And Pride 3:54
B2 Okay! 3:41
B3 Make My Day 4:20
B4 Love In General 3:26
B5 Tambo! Tambo! 8:21

Steve Braun ‎– Love Could Be So Good (12″)

Keeping it quite obscure and niche for all the anoraks out there! (Numanoids included!)

This was from UK artist multi-instrumentalist Steve Braun , tapping into the Howard Jones with a large dose of synthpop driven with saxophone (by Ian Ritchie) and female backing vocals. (From Tessa Niles who makes it almost a duet)  Sooooooo 80’s.

Typical moody vocals and Numanesque dark synths, it was on the Gary Numan’s Numa Record Label.produced by Gary Numan and mixed by Tim Summerheyes and released in 1986. The “Special Mix” is better as it doesn’t drag as much as the A -side.

The B-side is rarer and redone version from the original ‘Steve Braun’s Universe’ single from 1982 and is tons better than the cheesy main track. Classic synth pop but with some rough guitar and lead saxophone.


Numa ‎– NUM 15braun

A Love Could Be So Good 6:58
B1 Red Light Districts 3:55
B2 Love Could Be So Good (Special Mix) 4:51

Daryl Hall – John Oates ‎– Say It Isn’t So (US Promo 12″)

Another rare set of mixes from Mike B. This time Hall & Oates join forces with John “Tokes” Potoker, John “Jellybean” Benitez and Melanie West to provide some “club” mixes of the original Bob Clearmountain production. This was released in October 1983 to accompany a compilation album “Rock ‘N Soul Part 1”

A mid-paced slow burner with an interesting bass riff (thanks to Tom T-Bone Wolk) and plenty of saxophone (Charles Dechant) soaked all over it.  (there is more sax on the dub mix) A fine example of Blue-Eyed Soul.

RCA ‎– JD-13679SAM_3212

A Say It Isn’t So (Special Extended Dance Mix) 6:45
B Say It Isn’t So (Dub Version) 4:47

UB40 ‎– Sing Our Own Song (US 12″)

From 1986 and from UB40 “synth” phase, where they dabbled with electronics and was from the album “Rat In The Kitchen.”

The song was written as an anti-apartheid song and was censored in South Africa. Featuring the ANC rallying cry of “Amandla Awethu”, it was considered a protest song of the time. “We will fight for the right to be free / And we will build our own society” and “Forward Africa run our day of freedom has come / For me and for you Amandla Awethu.”  Those Zulu words meaning “power” “is ours.”

It features great backing vocals by the star studded trio of Jaki Graham, Mo Birch and Ruby Turner.

The “Def Mix” is more dubby and works a lot better than the A-side which does drag a bit.


A&M Records ‎– SP-12194SAM_0641



A Sing Our Own Song (Full Length Version) 8:26
B Sing Our Own Song (DEP Mix) 6:50

Grace Jones ‎– I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (Super Club Edits) (US Promo 12″)

A Special Club 12″ featuring Edits/remixes by Larry Levan and The Latin Rascals over the original production by Nile Rogers. It was actually co-written with Bruce Woolley and was from her album, “Inside Story.”

Synth-enhanced funk ! The Latin Rascals give it a harder electro feel on the dub. This going into the virtual Dj Box!

Now with a link!!!! Duh!!!

Manhattan Records ‎– SPRO-9915SAM_3293

A1 I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (The Right On Time Edit By Larry Levan) 6:55
B1 I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (The Ultra Perfect Edit By The Latin Rascals) 7:15
B2 I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You) (The Ultra Perfect Dub By The Latin Rascals) 5:23

Dire Straits ‎– So Far Away (Canadian 2 X 12″)

From a limited Gatefold release from 1985 and featuring a couple of stonking live tracks and soundtracks. This is a very expensive bit of plastic owned by Sir Mike B.

So the extended version of this overlooked hit for the band, it was in fact the lead single from “Brothers In Arms.”

I really like the live, 11 minute version of “Sultans Of Swing” with all the minor mistakes and not one snapped guitar string! “Going Home” is an ace instrumental. “Why Worry” has an almost festive feel to it. Tagged on the end is a Knopfler instrumental soundtrack, all guitar effects and atmospherics.


Vertigo ‎– SOVXD 2362so

A Dire Straits So Far Away (Extended Version) 5:06
B Dire Straits Going Home – Theme From ‘Local Hero’ (Live Version) 4:55
C Dire Straits Sultans Of Swing (Live Version) 10:56
D1 Dire Straits Why Worry (Instrumental Segment) 3:56
D2 Mark Knopfler Fear And Hatred 2:18

Pretenders ‎– Kid (Extended Remix) (German 12″)

The Pretenders (at the time of this release from ’87 they had dropped the “The”) have released loads of good, but forgotten songs, over the decades. “Kid” is almost an early Britpop record in the style of production by Chris Thomas and mixed by Bob Clearmountain. It originally came out in 1979 but this was released to promote… guessed it…..the best of album called “The Singles.” So you get the twangy, Shadows guitar but with even more drama and chiming guitars.

Back by a couple of rare tracks, the quieter demo version of their debut “Stop Your Sobbin'” and the rawky “What You Gonna Do About It” remixed by Clearmountain, but originally recorded for Flexipop Magazine back in 1980.

WEA Musik GmbH ‎– 248 162-0SAM_3351

A Kid (Extended Remix) 5:14
B1 Stop Your Sobbin’ (Original Demo Version, 1978) 2:20
B2 What You Gonna Do About It 2:43

Silly Sunday Song 15 – Newcity Rockers – Black Dog (US 12″)

So bad it’s good.

The classic gets covered, very earnestly by American band Newcity Rockers. A quartet which included founder and keyboard player, Bob Rivers, (A radio presenter and parody song writer – he released an album “Twisted Christmas” in 1987) Brian Silva, Cliff Goodwin and vocals from Ken Kozdra – doing a reasonable impersonation of Jimmy Page.

This homage came out in 1987 and includes keyboards and synth horns. The 12″ is worth a listen. They only released the one album, go figure.

Critique ‎– CR 8528

A – Black Dog (Long Rock Mix) – 6:11

B – Black Dog (Radio Edit) – 3:55SAM_4705