Sting ‎– Be Still My Beating Heart (Remix) (Canadian 7″)

A synthy Sting track from 1987 and on a Canadian 7″ (Thanks Mike B!!) A class tune given a remix by Paul McKenna and keeping the lazy, jazzy feel. The second single from the album “…Nothing Like The Sun” released in 1987 only in Japan, South Africa, Australia, Canada & US.

More Jazz influences appear on the short instrumental , “Ghost In The Strand” starting with a walking piano riff and then fading out and blasting off into jazz swing. Great arrangement and could to chill to.


A&M Records ‎– AM-2992stinng

A Be Still My Beating Heart (Remix) 4:40
B Ghost In The Strand 2:25

2 thoughts on “Sting ‎– Be Still My Beating Heart (Remix) (Canadian 7″)”

  1. Great reunion tour with The Police in 2008!! Although when he sang wrapped around my finger was off a little a few people were talking about after the show. Great performance and covered a lot of classic tunes. Actually same venue where I saw DM but a lot closer. Sting haven’t seen solo at all.

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