The Other Ones ‎– Learning To Walk (CD Rip)

So the other album from The Other Ones revealing more quirky Pop tunes (Thanks WINX). Released in 1988 it carries on the mix of the latest technology with pristine production from the band with Pete Schwier at Trevor Horn’s studio and Fairlights. The band had come off a successful tour and had a big budget from Virgin. Second album syndrome had set in with a lots of technology thrown in, drums were overdubbed by Geoff Dugmore (Europeans, Killing Joke)  and percussion was provided by Frank Ricotti. The Kick Horns provided some brass to expand the sound, they are featured on the lead single, “Money And Gold” (Holiday MkII)

Some of it both catchy and quirky, but there is few filler tracks. Lots of Fairlight and synths for those nostalgic for ZTT and the spirit of the B-52’s (liking the samples on “Go 4th”), but unfortunately the bands bubble had burst as they wander into AOR territory – where we have been at for most of the day.


Virgin ‎– CDV 2569otherered

1 Woman In Luv 4:20
2 Another World 4:28
3 Emotional Baby 4:02
4 Money And Gold 4:03
5 Go 4th 5:58
6 Crying 4:42
7 Wild Wild Woman 3:21
8 Mud On Your Face 4:08
9 In A Dark Room 4:38
10 Falling 5:18

7 thoughts on “The Other Ones ‎– Learning To Walk (CD Rip)”

  1. Hello there! Looks like I was late for the bus on this one. Any chance you might repost it? I would certainly appreciate it. All the best!

  2. Thank you, I had the previous album, but just didn’t bite the bullet on buying this one though I loved the quirkiness of the previous one. Listening now (crying song) and like it so far… her vocals go ethereal at times (hog heaven for me)… The bald bass singer is a hoot. Just fun stuff. Thanks, can’t wait to see what you throw out next, best blog I have found (and like a tramp, I get around).

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