Silly Sunday Song 14 – Edelweiss ‎– Bring Me Edelweiss (Mini CD)

Thanks for Winx for sharing this, the huge novelty Hit from 1988. (and on CD!) Edelwiess made an appearance on Silly Sunday Song – 10

An Austrian production team put this studio group together. Tapping into Eurohouse and mad samples (cowbells and yodeling) Female backing singles included Mercedes Hall and Maria Mathis. The “Tourist Mix” is the definite article and a has elements of the Art Of Noise here in terms of invention.

“Yodel” is another remix of the main track, more of a rap track (by Cooly C and Raf) with similar samples and the same beat, quite good and less cheesy.

The Bonus track “Schnaps” features those samples over a minimal rhythm track. All mixed by Jürgen Koppers.


GiG Records ‎– 247 543-2edel

1 Bring Me Edelweiss (Tourist Version) 7:43
2 Bring Me Edelweiss (7″ Version) 3:42
3 Yodel 5:00
4 Schnaps Bonus 2:47

4 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Song 14 – Edelweiss ‎– Bring Me Edelweiss (Mini CD)”

  1. Too much fun, this song and sadly underrepresented at most Oktoberfest events!!! There should be more stuff like this out there nowadays to give us a break from every artist who takes him/herself too seriously! That’s probably why I enjoyed Crossover/Hardcore from the 80s so much … those bands knew how to have fun! (think Beermacht!)

  2. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing sharing all this great stuff !
    One remark though… i have downloaded several tracks in the past and after a long hiatus i tried to download some more today. However the file from zippyshare shows up corrupt in my pc.. I used 3 different PCs and 2 different operating systems ( and both winar and winzip ) but nothing..
    I downloaded other files from other sites..they work fine..

    Any idea what might be the case?

    1. Not sure and you are certainly not the first! It’s a strange one have you got the lasted version of Winzip ? I test them when there has been an issue and they are fine to me? I’ll check again.

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