Grace Jones ‎– Love On Top Of Love (Killer Kiss) (12 “)

From the ’89 album “Bulletproof Heart” this see’s Jones embrace the House Music scene with a collaboration with Clivilles and Cole (Chris Cole co-wrote it). Funky House with a catchy groove. The Funky Dred mixes have a different backbeat and a bit like the single version. A bit of a Club Smash at the time that bombed commercially.

*It’s not the Vacuum Love Remix with the A’Capella intro but the C&C Garage House Mix [It’ll Make You Come And Get It Mix] going straight into the beats and probably rarer.


Capitol Records ‎– 12CL 557graces

A Love On Top Of Love (Killer Kiss) (The Cole & Clivilles Garage House Mix) 7:10
B1 Love On Top Of Love (Killer Kiss) (The Funky Dred Club Mix) 6:22
B2 Love On Top Of Love (Killer Kiss) (The Funky Dred Dub Mix) 6:27


  1. **Mike-B.** · September 15

    Recently picked this up in my next send, not now you beat me too it! Must have been one on your last trip abroad!!

    • djjedredy · September 15

      Sorry Mike we very rarely duplicate! 🙂

      • Mike B.1Aussie · September 15

        Hey no problem I’ll just send another!!! 😁

      • djjedredy · October 10

        Seems I’ve lost this file, can’t find it anywhere. Any chance of sending me another over? – Various Artists ‎– Tame Yourself (Housebroken Dance Mixes)

      • -Mike B.- · October 11

        Sent it yesterday on the other spot, so much going here on the MVD!!

  2. Ingo · January 4

    Hi, Just discovered your blog…. Love it 🙂 Is there any chance you could re-up this please?

    Thank you

    • djjedredy · January 5

      I try to do my re-up requests on Thursday, so you are on my list !

      • Ingo · January 5

        Thank you sir

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