Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‎– Watching The Wildlife (Hotter) (12″)

Three of my own today.

Not had a ZTT twelve on here for a while so a later release from Frankie, 1987 to be exact.

Produced by Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson, at the time the bubble had really burst for the band and the lukewarm reception of their second album, “Liverpool” was the beginning of the end. No amount of polished production, expensive video and gimmickry could save them. This was their final single.

This was an overlooked released, taking the theme that we are all animals anyway. (The “Use A Condom” message on the back sleeve shows the AIDs enlightened time it was released.) The definite, “long” version has a ton of stuff going on (as you’d expect) with more orchestra than I remembered back in the day.

The “voiceless” version does have an opening vocal, then another separate vocal/musical part and then the semi-instrumental, how very ZTT.

It has a proper B-side in the slow, melancholic “The Waves”, with Holly in fine voice.

ZTT ‎– 12 ZTAS 26frankfrontcov

A Watching The Wildlife 9:09
B1 Wildlife (Voiceless) 5:03
B2 The Waves 3:01

8 thoughts on “Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‎– Watching The Wildlife (Hotter) (12″)”

  1. What you call the “opening vocal” of the “Wildlife (Voiceless)” are 2 unlisted tracks: Wildlife (bit 1), Wildlife (bit2). The “Wildlife (Voiceless)” starts about 1.20 into the track. That explains the vocal start !

    Im quite impressed of your detailed knowledge. You dont appear to check wikipedia. Anyone else would copy and paste wikipedia !

  2. All Trevor Horn productions are an EPIC ADVENTURE, but none more his FGTH remixes. From Video Killed The Radio Star and Owner Of A Lonely Heart to everything he did with Art Of Noise, he came to define the 80s sound and beyond without ever making a name for himself. Everyone “our age” probably knows about 30-40 Trevor Horn songs but never heard that name before. PURE GENIUS!!!

    I would love for ZTT to one day release the actual FGTH “RELAX” demo just to hear the contrast. Allegedly, he remixed their version to a point that there isn’t a single lick of the original included other than Holly’s vocals!

  3. For some odd reason, I just watched the entire “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey” movie for the first time ever… there’s 90 minutes of my life I’ll never get back, but I wanted to see it since they are currently making a sequel to it. Never realized how much Wayne’s World was parodying this movie.

    Anyways, I love the song “God Gave Rock’n’Roll To You” by Kiss (I’m not a Kiss fan) and didn’t realize it was recorded for this silly movie. I decided to waste another 30 minutes of my life and took the liberty to “expand” the accompanying single with all the guitar licks by Steve Vai from the movie along with the original by Argent and more … I hope you enjoy it. If not, you can strip the add-ons as I left the original single and artwork intact.!Qbo1XbKB!yYiLP5EBdXjSaJoQehZS8EnE4b5qUxwdvgWd8xMG7tQ

  4. Not a KISS fan, mmmm really. I actually was in Oz!! Posters and record albums (Given to a good friend) left Down Under.
    Then of course other musical tastes had risen. Ultravox, Gary Nyman, New Order, The Birthday Party, Yazoo, Joy Division, The Clash, Dead Kennedys, and on and on tastes of music kept Rollin. Then All kinds of Aussie Bands and numerous of other types of music….!!!!! 😁 👍

    1. Really more of a fan of all the other bands you listed, especially Dead Kennedys. I was too young in the 70s and in the 80s I went from Synthpop straight to Hardcore, Crossover and Grindcore. So, “regular” metal and hard rock went unnoticed by me. On the positive side I can listen to Bon Jovi and co. nowadays without getting that same annoying feeling most people get from hearing them too much in the 80s … lol

      1. Early Australia days I was for KISS then everything exploded as mentioned above. Most of the American music was all new to me (classic rock, more punk, industrial and all this other synth/electronic. Other than that of KISS just mainly listened to a lot of Aussie bands – Rose Tattoo, The Angels (Angel City), Cold Chisel, Skyhooks, Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons, Hush, More Hardcore after I hit the states!! Everything expanded …! Back to KISS I last saw them with The members I liked them for (Peter, Ace, Paul & Gene) and saw them live in California L.A. Forum late 90’s Supposed to be Farewell!! Great stage show and now you ask, all the different members now and they do not encourage me to seem them at all Now!!
        Toy Dolls, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, GBH, Suicidal Tendencies, Agent Orange, Adolescents and all the other hardcore I’ll to and enjoy more now as I was too much into big popular stuff.

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