The Other Ones ‎– The Other Ones (CD Rip)

The debut album from The Other Ones , released in 1986. Bright 80’s Euro Pop from this Australian / German band.

The line-up included the dual vocals of Alf Klimek and Jayney Klimek. Plus guitar from Andreas Schwarz-Ruszczynski, bass – Jonny Klimek, keyboards – Stephan Gottwald and drums – Uwe Hoffmann.

Produced by Christopher Neil it’s a great debut album. Plenty of electronics going on and some very strong songs. Reminds me of the Thompson Twins / Thomas Dolby and label mates Alphaville.


Virgin ‎– CDV2404otherrr

1 Holiday 3:32
2 Stay With Me (It’s Not Forever) 3:28
3 We Are What We Are 4:25
4 Losing It 2:59
5 Moments 5:06
6 He’s A Man 3:43
7 All The Love 3:15
8 All Day, All Night 5:07
9 It Makes Me Higher 3:38
10 Stranger 3:47

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