Gardening By Moonlight ‎– Method In The Madness (Vinyl LP)

The joys of second hand vinyl collecting.

Was after this LP for a while and came across it at a record fair this year. Ever since I managed to pick up a 12″ single by the band (I’ll need to find this!!) I’d been curious to know what an album’s worth of this quirky, synth New Wave would be like. It sounded very advanced for 1983 and included some early sampling.

It appears that they were a duo. Duncan Bridgeman (who went on to be in Trip Hop outfit , 1 Giant Leap. As well as being a member of 80’s electro funk band I-Level) and J.J. Johnson (who had drummed previously with the American punk band The Electric Chairs). With various guest muso’s such as Mathew Seligman and Kevin Armstrong from Thomas Dolby’s band, Victoria Aspinall on violin from The Raincoats, BRAM TCHAIKOVSY, (Peter Bramall from The Motors) and saxophone by Rick Woolgar.

The outer tracks are a little worn and cracked but still listenable. Some quirky gems on here, especially the second single “Diction And Fiction.”

Fellow blogger and well respected guru of 80’s synth, Post Punk Monk does a good review on the Discog page;

The final track is an instrumental medley of the songs: Strange News, Whistling in the Dark, Letters, Method in the Madness, Strange News Dub mix by Adrian Sherwood of ON-U Sound.


Interdisc ‎– INTO 2garden

A1 Method In The Madness
A2 Letters
A3 Diction And Fiction
A4 Whistling In The Dark
B1 Weights And Measures
B2 (Is It Safe) Strange Views
B3 Chance
B4 Strange News (12″ Version)
B5 Method Again

8 thoughts on “Gardening By Moonlight ‎– Method In The Madness (Vinyl LP)”

  1. I just popped in and saw one of my favorite, under-appreciated/underplayed albums mentioned and I couldn’t leave without giving a thumbs up! This is the kind of left-field obscurity that one never tires of.

  2. Well done shining a spotlight on a forgotten masterpiece! Can you please re-up the zippyshare download? It’s died. Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for re-uploading. But I’m getting a “This is not a RAR archive. No files to extract” message when I try to unarchive it with UnRarX. Perhaps some uploading/archiving error? Could you please try uploading the tracks in a zip file instead? Thank you very much!

  4. I’ve tried that and a few other archive expanders now and I’m afraid I can’t get any of them to work on it. Would you mind just throwing the mp3s in a folder, compressing into a zip file, and uploading that for easy download? Thanks very much. I appreciate it.

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