Blue Zoo – Cry Boy Cry (12″)

Had this on my secret hard drive, so I must have recorded it a while back! A classic One Hit Wonder from Blue Zoo.

From 1982 and produced (and nicely extended) by Tim Friese Green (Talk Talk) who also added some keyboards to it. Stylized vocals and the driving guitar riff , it’s a perfect early 80’s pop song.

Blue Zoo had morphed from a previous band called Modern Jazz led by vocalist Andy O and guitarist Tim Parry (who formed record label Big Life and managed Snow Patrol and The Verve) They were joined by Michael Arthur Sparrow, (Drums) Mike Ansell (bass) Neil Pyzer (saxophone who went on to join Spear Of Destiny)

The B-side is a lovely slice of weird funky dub! Your typical B-side with weird Da-da vocals, a bit like a lighter Bauhaus!?

If Teardrop Explodes were into the New Romantics they might have sounded like these…


Magnet  ‎– 12 MAG 234cry

A Cry Boy Cry 6:00
B Off To Market (Dub) 4:00

4 thoughts on “Blue Zoo – Cry Boy Cry (12″)”

      1. Great, when time permits would you be able to digitize and share it. I was going to shop around and pick this up later on. If possible I would appreciate it!! 👍 😎

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