Steve Levine ‎– Dubbin’ It All / Believin’ It All (12″)

Busy Night….sneak this one out! (Under the Radar)

From 1984 and a homage to the Fairlight C.M.I. from producer and part-time pop star Steve Levine, who was one of the lucky few to own such an expensive beast.

The sleeve and the accompanying video is achingly future retro, the sound of tomorrow. Like Scritti Politti’s slightly undernourished brother it does have some notable guest musicians and collaborators. Rita Marley (widow of Bob) does backing vocals, Boy George co-wrote it and Mikey Craig (Culture Club’s bass player) guests. John Alder (The Jags) sings the lead. Ian Ritchie provides some Tenor Sax Lyricon – wind synth on the light and jazzy “P.C.M.”

A bit too safe and sterile for my ears considering the equipment they had at their disposal.


Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2775stevebackcov

A Dubbin’ It All 8:06
B1 Believin’ It All 4:25
B2 P.C.M. 4:29

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