Re-uppage 45 – (Kid Creole And The Coconuts, S’Express, The Armoury Show, Heroes, Duran Duran, Robert Palmer, Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy, Kraftwerk, Swimming With Sharks, Real Life, The Police, Lords Of The New Church, Laibach, Level 42)

It’s a biggy….on your marks!

So Zippy is fine is you use certain unzip programs. For me, Mega seems a lot of faff. All the others are sooo slow!! Zippy for now then 🙂

Kid Creole And The Coconuts ‎– I Love Girls (US 12″) For Adailton (Aproveite o seu novo link. Vai cocos!)










S’Express – Hey Music Lover (12″) For Uwe (hope you get this…anything was better than mediafire!!)


The Armoury Show ‎– We Can Be Brave Again (Extended Version) (12″) For MATT (the 80’s are coming!!!!)









Heroes – Drift Away (US 12″) For Buddy (Sorry about the World Cup result !)









Duran Duran ‎– New Moon On Monday (12″) For Mark (That DD documentary was ace!)


Robert Palmer – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (12″) For Retrohound (Woof! And I spelt his surname wrong on the original post…..plamer???!!!)









Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy – Icing On The Cake (12″) For Murray (Nice choice!!!!)









Kraftwerk – Radioactivity (US 12″) For Herve (modern is good)









Swimming With Sharks ‎– No Longer Friends (12″) For UWE (it’s Re-uppage 45! keep with the program! :))










Real Life – God Tonight (US 12″) For ig GUTIERREZ (Real name ?)









The Police – Synchronicity II (12″) For Mr. Winkel (Back in the time when I used Rapidshare!!!)


Lords Of The New Church – Dance With Me (12″) For WINK WINKLE (So old I’ve not shared it for ages, it was on a different hard drive!)


Laibach – Across The Universe (12″) For Mr. W (Unheard stuff for decades, I never even put the video up!)


Level 42 – Running In The Family (ltd edition 12″ Double Single) For Kraw (So long ago I didn’t even give them meaningful file names!!!!)





































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