Love And Rockets ‎– Body And Soul (US 12″)


A more alternative choice of tunes this week, exploring a darker, stranger side of the 90`s. 

Love And Rockets came about after the break up of Bauhaus with Daniel Ash (guitarist and vocalist) and David J (bassist) and brother Kevin Haskins. So this is from 1994 and the opening track from the album “Hot Trip To Heaven”. A psychedelic take on the current baggy dance sound. The long, involving album version is included at over 14 minute, an intricate soundscape to relax to and worth the wait when the guitars and beats kick in at 7 minutes. Part 2 is the shorter version and works just as well. The Higher Intelligence Agency (Robert Bird) darkens everything up in a twisted trip-hop style.Kris Needs and Bent Recknagel (Secret Knowledge) builds on a Sci-Fi theme with a strident synth lead going into Progressive House beats and rave overtones. Secret Knowledge’s side project, Delta Lady, also gives it a big space stomp with plenty of analogue sounds. A bonus for fans is the slide atmospherics of the instrumental track “Coyote”

American Recordings ‎– 0 41690SAM_8451

A1 Body And Soul (Album Version) 14:13
A2 Body And Soul (Out Of Body) 9:12
B1 Body And Soul (Delta Lady) 7:33
B2 Body And Soul (Dark Side Of The 12th Moon) 6:34
B3 Coyote 5:17
B4 Body And Soul (Part 2) 3:59

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