Re- Uppage 41 (Falco, Die Warsau, INXS, Fad Gadget, Pseudo Echo (Lots of), The Bridewell Taxis, Sister Sledge, Betty Boo, UB40 & Robert Palmer, The Mission)

When there was a sudden influx of multiple requests… goes!

Falco – Emotional (Extended N.Y. Mix) (12″) For Uwe (Sorry for the delay!)


Die Warzau ‎– Bodybag / Shakedown (US 12″) For Nico (on the old EBM trip I see 🙂 )


Die Warzau ‎– Never Again (US Promo 12″) For Nico









INXS – Searching (2 X Promo 12″) For DJ Mr. Tim (You’re right it didn’t last long!)









Fad Gadget – I Discover Love (12″) For Paul (from Cumbria ???)









Falco – Vienna Calling / Rock Me Amadeus (US 12″) For Neil (Still looking for the file for the UK 12″ )


Pseudo Echo – A Collection (for Chris who likes a 12″ it seems!)







The Bridewell Taxis ‎– Don’t Fear The Reaper (12″) For Weston (Yea, a bit different this cover!)









Sister Sledge – Frankie (12″) For Gildas (Sorry about the wait!)








Betty Boo – Doin’ The Do (Remix) (12″) For Stephen (As Night follows Day it just would not be the same if there was not a re-up request from this man!)


Robert Palmer And UB40 ‎– I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (12″) For Krawinkel (Wonderful name !)


The Mission ‎– Into The Blue (LTD Edition 12″) For Krawinkel (Enjoy Sir!)
















  1. Stephen Scott · June 14

    Night and day, under the hide of me
    There’s such a hunger burning inside of me
    And its torment won’t be through
    Till you let me request more re-ups from you
    Day and night, night and day

    • djjedredy · June 20

      Beat the 80 request I’ve just had !!!

      • Stephen Scott · June 21

        Not sure if you’re asking me to start a fight or if there’s a pretty cool request I managed to top. Either’s fine 🙂

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