Nitzer Ebb ‎– Body Rework DJ Promo + megamix and bonus tracks (CD)


Need to get this up and out. (Thanks Winx for sharing!)

So three mp3’s containing a twelve minute megamix (some people love a megamix!) from the CD Technopolis – Vol. IV. Mostly of their very early, EBM stuff and not half bad. Seems it was recorded from vinyl then put on this Bootleg series of CD’s released back in 1992.

The second mp3 is a seven minute 2001 remix of “Join In The Chant” by WFX (Jason Webster) which may already be up here but here it in this pile of 3. Brighting up the beats and polishing up the classic for the 21st Century.

The main “body of work” is the rare DJ Promo CDR of the mixes that appeared around the release of the compilation “Body Of Work” back in 2006. Remixed by some of the big electronic artists of the early noughties. (Dubfire, XPress 2, Black Strobe, The Hacker and Motor – all on their game) The remixes do their job paying homage to the original track whilst jazzing them up for the discerning dancefloor.

Tagged on the end is a couple of covers by tribute band Muscle & Hate of “Join In The Chant” from 2006.

Apologies for the Big File.

NovaMute ‎– PNOMU166CDbody

1 Control (I’m Here) (Dubfire’s Jamrock Remix) 8:46
2 Getting Closer (Black Strobe EBM Remix) 6:09
3 Join In The Chant (Xpress 2 Remix) 6:34
4 I Thought (Robag’s Schiikkuli Vocal Rework) 6:34
5 Lightning Man (Motor Dub) 6:46
6 Getting Closer (Black Strobe Moderne Remix) 7:32
7 Murderous (Phil Kieran Remix) 8:00
8 Control (I’m Here) (The Hacker Remix 2006) 6:18
9 Join In The Chant (Knarz Ist Machine Remix) 5:32
10 Let Your Body Learn (Terence Fixmer Remix 2006) 4:11
11 Control (I’m Here) (Dubfire’s Arrowhead Dub) 7:56



5 thoughts on “Nitzer Ebb ‎– Body Rework DJ Promo + megamix and bonus tracks (CD)”

    1. Yep, all that is here except the CDr different version comp which I also have that I pulled from somewhere in a 3 disc version collection

      And a few more goodies but for me mostly on vinyl Including the Body Rework 2 x Vinyl LP’s with dubs posted here, rare I have no idea…!? Most of these shares are from other blogs and other places. I share my own, that’s me!!

  1. Please, can you re-upload the links of this album again ???, thank you very much and it is an excellent page !!, greetings from Argentina. Flavio

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