David Bowie ‎– Dead Man Walking (US Promo 12″)

Even more Bowie – as if you ever needed more!!!

A promo 12″ from the US from the 1997 album, “Earthling” and it see’s Bowie ramp up the dance beats over some furious guitar work from Reeves Gabrels.

The main “House Mix”, by Moby, adds a wonky organ to go along with understated but very profound lyrics.

Moby adds some lush synth pads over some breakbeats and acid squelches on Mix 1. His other mix is rawer and harder with just a looped Bowie vocal sample. Rave On!


Virgin ‎– SPRO-12249dead

A1 Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1) 7:31
A2 Dead Man Walking (House Mix) 6:00
B1 Dead Man Walking (Album Version) 6:30
B2 Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 2) 5:25

7 thoughts on “David Bowie ‎– Dead Man Walking (US Promo 12″)”

    1. Thanks for this, never knew about this and the many mixes off this album. I think there is another completist on board!!

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