Propaganda – Your Wildlife (US 12″)


Interesting I’d not come across this track before. It’s without Claudia or Susanne but is the 1990 line-up. Michael Mertens (founder member), Betsi Miller (vocals), Derek Forbes and Brian McGee  (both former bass player and drummer with Simple Minds)

I have the other 2 twelves that I’ll put up later in the week. Had them on the old blog.

It does have some similar musical structures to Propaganda but is much more commercial dance sounding, David Morales does all of the mixes, A1 and B are more song orientated with vocals . The “Red Zone Mix” being a nice acid, standalone track, B2 an instrumental. Of interest is the track “Vicious Circle” which does have a Claudia sample and was the opener from the album, “1234.” Rocky but synthy.


Charisma ‎– 0-96412

A1 Your Wildlife (Wet ‘N’ Wildlife Mix) 6:53
A2 Your Wildlife (Red Zone Mix) 7:00
A3 Your Wildlife (Wonderland Mix) 3:12
B1 Your Wildlife (Goin’ Wildlife Mix) 4:02
B2 Your Wildlife (Wilderness Mix) 6:52
B3 Vicious Circle 4:54

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